Corporate Advisory

The business environment in Australia and abroad is constantly evolving and whether we encounter a client wanting to realise the maximum worth of their business or an investor seeking opportunities, Green & Sternfeld has a long and respected history of providing a full and integrated range of corporate advisory services.

Whilst every transaction is unique, we ensure that our service offerings are all underpinned by:

  • High levels of director and senior staff involvement who will provide quality service at reasonable rates
  • Detailed understanding of the key objectives and issues that impact value
  • Experience in negotiating through the red tape often involved in corporate transactions
  • Independence and experience to offer advice in a vast array of industries
  • Understanding of the importance of meeting deadlines on time and within budget
  • Timely identification and communication of issues

The Directors and senior staff in our team all possess sound business acumen, high level academic qualifications and significant expertise.  Our commercial experience combined with our acute technical skills ensures that you will be provided with valuable, timely and expert advice.

These qualifications, experience and resources combine to produce a highly skilled, client focused corporate advisory practice with high levels of quality control and professionalism.

Our specialist services include:

Acquisition Due Diligence

Due diligence reviews are undertaken to minimise the risks and maximise the anticipated benefits of an acquisition.

Depending on the scope, size and scale of the transaction, our approach to acquisition due diligence includes:

  • Understanding your high-level acquisition strategy
  • Evaluating the merits of the target, its positioning in the market and the drivers that create value
  • Assessment of financial and other data provided by the target to ascertain its reliability and to identify transaction and ongoing commercial risk
  • Identifying the risks that will make or break the deal
  • Assist with pricing negotiations

Green & Sternfeld’s specialist skills in corporate finance, information technology, taxation, business consulting and accounting ensure that we are able to deliver:

  • An in-depth review that will add real value to the intended transaction by focusing on the key risks and matters likely to affect the value or cause post-acquisition issues
  • A comprehensive yet concise report that provides an in-depth analysis of the target which will deliver practical and succinct recommendations

Vendor due diligence

Vendor due diligence is a thorough documented analysis of a business offered for sale.  Whilst paid for by the vendor, the process is designed to provide potential purchasers and their professional advisors with answers to the questions that they may reasonably ask.

Our experience highlights that the benefits of vendor due diligence include:

  • Simplifying and shortening the sale process
  • Warning the vendor of potential issues that could complicate the sale, or derail it altogether, allowing the vendor to mitigate these issues before the business is actually offered for sale
  • Highlighting potential opportunities in the business for use in negotiations with potential purchasers
  • Answering many of the questions a potential purchaser will ask, thereby allowing management to focus on the key deal issues and running their business
  • Giving the vendor more control over the sale process

Green & Sternfeld can help vendors drive transaction value by providing a written report containing a comprehensive analysis of the business for sale.  Typically, a report includes:

  • the key issues and opportunities a purchaser is likely to consider
  • an explanation of how the business interacts with its markets and competitors
  • an examination  of the key drivers of financial performance
  • an analysis of all the important financial, accounting, tax, IT and commercial aspects of the business to be sold

Transaction Support

For both owners and investors, Green & Sternfeld can directly assist in planning, structuring and completing an investment or sale transaction.  We have extensive experience in providing the following services:

  • Determination of transaction value range
  • Preparation of information memorandum
  • Expert advice in the preparation for and lead up to a transaction to ensure the transaction is structured on both a commercial and tax effective basis
  • Sales negotiations and contract preparation advice


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